Taylor-Jane Bellotti

My Name is Taylor-Jane Bellotti I am a proud Yamatji woman with connections to the Malgana and Kija language groups. I was born and raised in Perth and am currently enrolled in my Master of Professional Psychology at ECU.  I am a proud mum to four and loving wife to my supportive partner.

I was inspired to study psychology as I have always wanted to work in a profession that helps others. I have always been told I can’t achieve the goals I set myself based on my cultural identity and to give up on my dreams. My grandfather overcome a rough childhood and alcohol abuse to become a drug and alcohol counsellor, he was my inspiration to reach for new goals.

When I commenced my degree in Psychology and Criminology, I discovered my passion and interest in working with youth particularly those involved in the justice system. From my own experience of not having someone believing in me as a young woman, I believe that there needs to be someone holding hope and seeing the potential in those that society label as a ‘lost cause’.

In the future I would like to approach the issue of injustice within the justice system, particularly regarding mental health in a holistic way to increase safe and supported rehabilitation and lower the suicide and recidivism rate of young people in the community.

I have also been inspired by Dr Tracy Westerman’s will to discuss challenging topics with such confidence, her unwavering dedication to the cause and her work to strengthen and educate the broader community. Just by having met Dr Tracy Westerman I have learnt how important it is for me to believe in myself and my path in becoming the clinician that I am comfortable being, not the clinician other people want me to be.