Our Values

Jilya’s vision is underpinned by our values; values that guide each and every decision we make and help determine exactly who we are and what we strive to achieve.

We are working to create a world in which our highest risk Indigenous communities are able to access services that are of the highest clinical and cultural standard possible and do this through our values of:

Community: Jilya will work collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Australia to meet their needs
Partnership: Jilya will seek to build partnerships with community, Aboriginal organisations and mainstream mental health service providers to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians
Best Practice: Jilya will focus on the development of best practice treatments and interventions to skill up practitioners providing services to Indigenous Australians.
Outcomes: Jilya will proactively evaluate programs and measure client outcomes
Social Justice: Jilya will address inequities facing Indigenous Australians in the areas of suicide prevention and mental health best practice; including the need to provide culturally informed and clinically validated approaches
Ethics, Integrity: Jilya will take an ethical approach and will at all times work with integrity