Scholarship – Funding Opportunities

An annual scholarship sponsorship is $10,000 per year (plus 17% admin costs). Ideally, sponsorship would be between 4-6 years to enable a student to be funded from 1st year through the completion of their Bachelor of Psychology, but ideally a Masters in Psychology and beyond. Most psychologists will aim to undertake a clinical masters to practice clinically and to obtain this specialist title. This would involve a 6 year investment if a student is enrolled from 1st year. As we are literally playing generational ‘catch up’ to increase the number of indigenous psychologists in Australia at the ‘fastest’ rate possible, we do not want to have any exclusion criteria outside of the fact that the student needs to be indigenous, enrolled in a recognised psychology course at an Australian university and with priority to those with remote and rural connections and/or who wish to return to work in a remote community upon graduation. The reason for this prioritisation is that our highest risk communities are consistently our most remote. We need to address the unique needs of this highest risk, isolated communities as a focus of the scholarship initially.

Please join us in making a very real difference to these communities who simply want what every Australian has a right to – an equal opportunity for their children to thrive!

OPTION 1:       One off donation of any amount

OPTION 2:       Sponsor a student on an annual basis towards degree completion