Tamara Miller

I’m a descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Gangulu peoples and have lived most of my life on Jarowair and Giabal country (Toowoomba and surrounds).  I’m currently studying a Masters in Clinical Psychology.  Upon completion of this degree, I hope to gain clinical endorsement and work with Aboriginal Youth.  As part of completing the degree and gaining my general registration, I must spend a lot of time in unpaid placements. This severely limits my capacity to work in paid employment.  The scholarship goes a long way to supporting me through this process, so that I can continue to support myself and family whilst studying. 

I became aware of Dr Westerman’s work through my undergraduate studies, the under representation of Aboriginal Psychologists and lack of psychological research aimed at supporting Aboriginal peoples became evident.  I greatly admire the work that Dr Westerman has done, and I too hope to contribute to addressing the under representation of Aboriginal psychologists and support psychologists to improve their cultural competency in working with Aboriginal peoples.