Lowanna Hugall

I am wanting to create better understanding and inclusion of our First Nations peoples.  A vision for the community to be free from suicide and support for all when they feel alone and unheard. I am passionate about helping our mob heal multigenerational trauma and the stigma and shame that being suicidal brings.

I aim to support and encourage all sectors of the mental health professions to understand what it is like growing up Aboriginal in contemporary Australia, the challenges that are faced today, and what reconciliation for each individual means.

Being part of a suicidal prevention organisation such as lifeline, and specifically being an accredited crisis supporter for some time, has inspired me that each call does make ripples of change. With the start of 13Yarn, the Aboriginal line run by First Nations for First Nations, I am directly involved in making an impact on suicidal people. In addition, mentoring other First Nations on our national call line is the first in the world.

I have also recently been asked to be on Griffith University Suicide Industry Advisory committee which looks at the curricula for our up-and-coming psychologists specialising in suicidology and how the courses can be most relevant to modern First Nation people.

My true vision is to inspire and uplift our community to support others to be resilient and suicide free, then they too can dedicate themselves to serve our people, our culture and work towards healing our future.