Kylie Wallis

My name is Kylie Wallis, a Biripi woman from Taree, NSW. I have spent many years teaching and after watching so many young people struggle with mental health I decided to retrain in Psychology and my plan is to get into Educational Psychology. I want to provide young people with easier access to assistance but more importantly, I want to push for a preventative approach to mental health issues in schools for young people as well as ensuring that treatment-based approaches are culturally appropriate. 

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Arts / Psychology with honours and will be commencing my 5th year of study next year with the goal being to eventually complete my Masters in Psychology. It has been a very long process with a lot of challenges but I feel it is important to role model to young people the importance of persevering with education, as in the long run, it opens up many more choices in life. Being awarded the scholarship would be of financial benefit and even more importantly will allow me to be mentored by the amazing Dr Tracy Westerman and her colleagues. This knowledge will help me in my current educational and well-being role and will allow me to educate both colleagues and young people in my care. #buildanarmy.