Kelly Hyde

I am a strong Wiradjuri woman, born in Wellington. I was raised on Bundjalung nation, Lismore, where I live and work today.

The Jilya institute scholarship is a way into helping support the First Nations into the psychology field. The scholarship will bring all the First Nation psychologists together and become a team across the nation, which I feel is very much needed as many of us work in silos.

I work full time in the community and study as well as running a family. I feel not only will this scholarship help assist me financially but also give me the strength to keep pushing for our youth. It will also help me push through the hoops I will need to jump through to get to my goal, having the mentorship to help understand the westernized world more, and help support stronger structure around the study (university). To have the opportunity to have Dr Tracy Westerman as my mentor and be able learn from her will be an honor and a privilege, this will help guide me through my journey.

When I finally get my certificate to say I am a registered psychologist, I am looking forward to being able to use it, by being heard in a mainstream system to help support the First Nations youth out there who deal with Mental Health. I want to continue on making a change and empower the youth across the nation from rural and remote areas, such as decreasing the high suicide rate we deal with.  The youth are our future Elders, they all need support in a holistic approach.


Student Sponsor – Dell Family in memory of Maddy Dell