Jodi Jones

My name is Jodi Jones, I am a palawa woman (Tasmanian Aboriginal) proud descendent of Fanny Cochrane-Smith, originating from Flinders Island.

The Tracey Westerman Scholarship is a vital pathway for Indigenous graduates to be involved in evoking positive change in the field of psychology. The scholarship is critical in addressing the needs of the Indigenous communities, through Indigenous psychologists working together with communities.

I am thrilled to be shortlisted for the scholarship, having admired Dr Westerman for several years. Indigenous communities are overrepresented in the justice system at alarming elevating rates, comparative to non-Indigenous people. I hope to be part of the “army” of psychologists that are involved in this highly significant and much-needed movement. I am passionate about social justice and ensuring that our Indigenous people have a voice, are listened to and are heard.

Upon commencement of my degree I intended to work in the area of criminal/forensics, as I have progressed, I am looking towards clinical or children’s and youth mental health field of psychology.