Georgia Falconer

I am a part of the Yawaru-Djugun and Jabirr Jabirr Tribes from the Broome and Beagle Bay area. I was born in Broome and moved to Darwin when I was seven. I chose to study Psychology for many reasons. Firstly, I was inspired by my mother, watching her succeed through the same course as a single mother of three. Seeing her face barriers and overcome each one was admirable and taught me that I can do the same. Growing up around my family and in rural towns sparked a curiosity about how trauma shapes the way people grow and live.

I am very passionate about Indigenous people’s rights, from seeing people in Darwin of all ages suffering from physical and mental illness as well as prejudice. Improving Indigenous people’s well-being is something that I long for and involve myself in any way that I can. This scholarship allows me to focus on my studies more, I am someone with a chronic illness (Hypothyroidism), so I am often suffering from chronic fatigue and other symptoms leaving me exhausted when I study, work and take care of my teenage sister who lives with me. I am now able to expand my network by becoming involved with the mentoring and training opportunities that are included with the scholarship.