Corey Kennedy

I belong to the traditional Mutti Mutti people group from the Northern Riverina and Far West regions of New South Wales.

This scholarship is so important to me because it provides me with an opportunity to become financially secure and reap the subsequent benefits that come along with it. The time I would save from not needing to work as much would provide me with additional time to study and become a more competent and skilled psychologist. In addition to this I would have more flexibility throughout the week to juggle my university, family, social, sporting and work commitments. A second reason to why this scholarship is so important to me is that it would act as a step ladder in allowing me to make a greater positive contribution to Indigenous peoples lives. I would achieve this by using the scholarship money to further my study by actively seeking beneficial skills and experiences from opportunities such as but not limited to work experience in remote/rural areas, exchange programs, workshops and conferences.

I intend to focus on Sports psychology upon graduation because I have a passion for sport and feel that it is becoming a more common topic of discussion and concern amongst athletes. In short, sports psychology involves not only assisting athletes with their performance but also with their mental health outside of sport. So far in undergraduate the opportunities to learn specifically about sports psychology has been limited, so instead I have focused on developing a broad range of skills and knowledge in many areas of psychology so that 1) I can become a more complete psychologist and 2) it will leave the door ajar for future potential opportunities in other areas of psychology.