Caitlyn Davies-Plummer

My name is Caitlyn Davies-Plummer and I’m a 29 year-old Barkindji woman, currently living and working on Kaurna land in Adelaide, SA. I am a mum to Dusty and a wife to Dale. It is hard for me to put into words how important this scholarship is to me, but I’ll do my best. I’ve been following Tracy’s work since I completed my honours year in 2014. She was researching topics and areas that were unheard of until that point. Her fearless attitude towards reducing our community’s suicide rates immediately engaged me and I’ve been wanting to connect and learn from her since that point.

I have worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth for the past 6 years and during that time have found their interactions with psychological services to be extremely culturally unsafe. Tracy’s work showed me that there is another way. There is a way to be culturally safe and still be using a test with high psychometric validity. It gave me hope that as an Aboriginal woman, I would be able to not only function as a psychologist but thrive.