15th December, 2021

The Westerman Jilya Institute board is proud to announce their successful receipt of a $240,000 grant from The Myer Foundation (TMF) — its second successful grant since the Institute was launched just over twelve months ago. TMF has committed to the Jilya Institute for three years, an indicator of the faith placed in Jilya’s mission.

In the words of Rupert Myer AO, President of The Myer Foundation, “The Westerman Jilya Institute represents hope for some of Australia’s most disadvantaged children. Current approaches to suicide prevention have clearly failed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Jilya Institute is building the foundations for an effective, nuanced, and scalable solution to an unacceptable problem. We are delighted to play a part in supporting its work.”

Dr. Tracy Westerman AM recognises the importance of The Myer Foundation sharing this passion. “Myer has been synonymous with Australian culture for so long. The core of it is family and community. These values mean that we must also recognise the greater responsibility we all have to the most vulnerable amongst us. That is our First Nations communities who continue to carry an unacceptable burden of inequity. It is so important to Jilya to have the faith and trust of such an iconic family brand as Myer.”   

If you would like to enquire about sponsorship opportunities please email admin@thejilyainstitute.com.au, or to donate visit https://www.thejilyainstitute.com.au/donate/