Jada Briggs

My name is Jada Briggs. I am from Shepparton, Victoria.

Throughout my lived experiences, I have noticed a growing strong gap between Indigenous peoples and access to mental health services. I have witnessed Indigenous people go down paths they never needed to, if only they could address the underlying factors. I want Indigenous people’s voices to be heard and their struggles to be addressed. I want them to be understood. I want indigenous people to be able to talk to someone who understands them, has similar lived experiences, someone like me. Having more Indigenous psychologists means our people are more willing to seek help because they can be understood from a cultural perspective.

To receive this scholarship, I would be able to work towards reducing the gap by working as a clinical psychologist. Receiving mentorship and opportunities that are part of the scholarship is also much more valuable than money. My dream is to become a clinical psychologist and assist my people in becoming the best versions of themselves.