Codie Steen

My name is Codie, and I am Eastern Arrernte and Arabana on my mother’s side and Wulli Wulli on my father’s side. I was born and raised in Alice Springs and have grown up with strong connections to my culture. I am a proud mother of two daughters and currently studying Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours.

I have seen first-hand the impact of inter-generational trauma and the lack of services available to provide the support needed for my mob and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I have a particular interest in pre-and post-natal mental health. I have seen many Aboriginal mothers struggle with mental health and not having the support they need.

The scholarship will assist me to become a clinical psychologist. In addition to the financial support, the support from Dr Tracy Westerman and the community of Aboriginal psychologists would be invaluable.

My goal is to become a clinical psychologist working with Indigenous mothers and their families in Alice Springs.