Carlie Schofield

My name is Carlie Schofield, and I am a proud Yuin woman currently living on Dharawal country (Wollongong, NSW). I am currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Psychology through the University of Adelaide.

I am the first in my family to go to university and started studying psychology straight out of high school in 2010. With this came its challenges as my family didn’t know how to support me and I didn’t always agree with the concepts that were being taught. After being in the workforce for the last 10 years, I have since returned to study.

Becoming an Aboriginal psychologist is not only important for myself, but it is important for my family and community. I want my daughters to look up to me and know that anything is possible. You can fail at something, but our ancestors will always take us to where we are meant to be, you just need to follow your passions. I also want to support my Aboriginal community and for them to know that culturally appropriate support is out there.

I have been an admirer of Dr Tracy Westerman’s work since attending her training, which further lit the passion within me to follow my dreams of becoming an Aboriginal psychologist. This scholarship is so inspiring because it is Aboriginal driven and gives back to Aboriginal people.

Upon finishing my studies, I would love to be a clinical psychologist. I also have an interest in driving more cultural supervision in organisations with Aboriginal people working in mental health, as this is often lacking and why Aboriginal workers feel languished and burnt out. The big, blue-sky dream for me would be to do my PhD, and I would love to contribute to Aboriginal centered research, as well as mentor other Aboriginal psychology students.