Bree Dansichewsky

My name is Bree Danischewsky, and I am a Noongar/Yamatji woman, I live in Geraldton about 400km North of Perth, I have always worked extremely hard from the age of 18 with a childcare and geological technician background. In 2018 I built my home with my partner which was a huge achievement for me, and in 2019 we completed our family with our beautiful boy. We are a young family who all work hard (yes even my 3.5-year-old) me and my partner work full-time, my son attends the most wonderful day care centre who provide him with the second-best environment away from home. I wish we got to spend more time together and not work so much, but these days make it almost financially impossible to work anything but full-time. I started working at Greenough Regional Prison as the Aboriginal Education Worker in 2014 and currently still work in the prison. In 2018 I decided to follow my passion and began studying my Bachelor of Psychological Science. My adverse childhood led me to my studies as I needed to understand all the trauma, and dysfunction that engulfed and affected my family so severely. As I go through each unit, my heart gets lighter and the anger of not knowing or understanding addictions/traumas have lightened and lifted. I feel free, I feel excited that my son gets to grow up in a positive, caring, and loving family, that is what this course has done for me, and that is what this scholarship will help me continue to do.