Shaping Futures: Gala Event & Fundraiser for a National Indigenous Psychology Treatment Centre

Bid on an array of enticing items, from luxury hotel stays and exhilarating helicopter rides to opera tickets, fitness and leadership courses, delectable chocolates, fine wines, Gin hampers, stunning jewellery, sporting jersey and more—all for play and for a purpose. Your participation in this auction supports a noble cause: establishing a National Indigenous Psychology Assessment and Treatment Centre. This initiative aims to bridge the distressing gap in mental health services in rural and remote Australia, providing essential support where it is currently lacking. Join us in turning play into purpose and making a tangible impact on Indigenous mental health.

Jilya Institute’s mission has evolved into a visionary pursuit. We are aiming to raise $600,000 to set up clinical service for our most vulnerable. Your participation in this auction is an opportunity to contribute to the establishment of Jilya’s clinical division—a crucial step in delivering culturally safe, clinically complex, and evidence-based psychological services.

Be a part of this transformative initiative.

Item 1

Kreative Vibez – One of a kind personalised digital art story

Kris Khamis, a distinguished Wiradjuri designer, photographer, and illustrator, is poised to craft a distinctive digital art story personalised to your individual or business narrative. This exclusive masterpiece, presented in a 1m by 2m format, will be skilfully rendered on either canvas or clear glass resin, ensuring it stands as a truly unparalleled work of art.

Kristopher Khamis, a highly acclaimed Wiradjuri digital artist, exemplifies a vibrant testament to his rich cultural heritage and profound connection to the land. While not raised on Wiradjuri country, Kristopher has forged an unbreakable bond with the lands he’s lived and worked on, serving as the wellspring of his creative inspiration. His art, a mesmerizing portrayal of landscapes and untamed elements, reflects his deep Indigenous roots. Follow Kris on Instagram @kreative_vibez

Value: $6,000

Item 2

Leadership Course – Todd Bowler (Motivational Speaker)

Meet Mr. Todd Bowler, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise as a Team Leader and Senior Instructor within the WA Police Tactical Response Group. His illustrious career includes leading numerous high-risk operations, ranging from intense shootouts with armed robbers to the apprehension of the Claremont Serial Killer.

Mr. Bowler’s diverse skill set extends to working undercover in covert operations and providing close personal protection for distinguished figures, including U.S. Presidents and members of the British Royal family. Drawing from these rich experiences, he has recently achieved a Guinness World Record for an extreme challenge, showcasing his resilience and determination.

In his journey, Mr. Bowler has encountered both failures and successes, and he considers it a privilege to share the invaluable lessons learned with others. His passion lies in guiding individuals on how to effectively overcome challenges, lead with distinction, and emerge victorious.

Value: $4,000

Item 3

Corsaire Aviation – A Day on Rottnest Island

Experience the ultimate Lunch getaway to Rottnest Island with Corsaire Aviation. When you book, select between a full day of bike exploration or a comfortable seat on the Bayseeker guided coach tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the island, swim, take a leisurely stroll, and make friends with the delightful Quokkas. Culminate your day with a scrumptious lunch at the renowned Hotel Rottnest.

This exclusive offer ensures an unforgettable journey filled with scenic wonders, adventure, and culinary delights. Book your Rottnest Island Lunch Experience with Corsaire Aviation now!

Value: $3600 for 4 people ($900 per person)

Item 4

“Experience a slice of Sydney” gift hamper

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our “Sydney Symphony Soiree” package, meticulously crafted for two. Revel in a night of enchanting melodies at the iconic Sydney Opera House, where you’ll witness the musical genius of Caroline Polachek unfold in a spellbinding performance.

As the city lights dance, take your adventure to new heights with a climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Marvel at the breathtaking panorama that stretches across Sydney, creating a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

Your retreat awaits at the exquisite “Hotel Morris Sydney Handwritten Collection,” where the fusion of Italian Renaissance architecture and Australian heritage creates a boutique haven of sophistication. Immerse yourselves in the art deco-designed guest rooms, where every detail reflects refined taste and cultural fusion.

Note: Caroline Polachek performs on the 4th of December 2023 and the Sydney Opera House voucher expires on 10th November 2023.

Value: $1,800+

Item 5

2023 Fremantle Dockers Clash Guernsey signed by all players

Offered here is a unique collector’s item that encapsulates the essence of this dynamic and spirited team. This exclusive 2023 clash guernsey holds a special significance as it bears the distinctive signatures of all the players, making it a treasured piece for avid fans and collectors alike. Each signature represents the dedication and unity of the team, showcasing the camaraderie that fuels their on-field prowess. Whether displayed proudly in a frame or worn with pride, this signed fremantle dockers guernsey is a testament to the club’s rich history and the collective spirit of its players.

Value: $1,300

Item 6

2018 Toyota AFL Grandfinal Collingwood Jersey signed by all players

Capture the magic of the 2018 AFL Grand Final with this exclusive Collingwood Football Club jersey, a tangible piece of history from one of the greatest games in AFL history. This jersey not only represents Collingwood’s valiant effort in the 123rd annual grand final but also encapsulates the essence of a historic clash that topped the list of the AFL’s 50 greatest games of the last 50 years in a public poll in 2020. Bid now and bring home a jersey that witnessed the drama, skill, and intensity of the 2018 Grand Final, forever etched in the hearts of footy fans across the nation.

Value: $1,300

Item 7

Hurt Locker – Hybrid Boxing Gym – 6 Month Unlimited Membership (Lot 1)

Join us at The Hurt Locker in Claremont for an inclusive invitation to explore the physical advantages of boxing. A team of seasoned trainers are committed to guiding you toward the fitness outcomes you desire, all while ensuring an enjoyable journey along the way! We extend a warm welcome to individuals of all backgrounds, whether you’re a youth, a novice, or a seasoned boxer, embracing all levels of fitness.

Value: $1,250

Item 8

Hurt Locker – Hybrid Boxing Gym – 6 Month Unlimited Membership (LOT 2)

Join us at The Hurt Locker in Claremont for an inclusive invitation to explore the physical advantages of boxing. A team of seasoned trainers are committed to guiding you toward the fitness outcomes you desire, all while ensuring an enjoyable journey along the way! We extend a warm welcome to individuals of all backgrounds, whether you’re a youth, a novice, or a seasoned boxer, embracing all levels of fitness.

Value: $1,250

Item 9

Amaroo Retreat

Amaroo Retreat and Spa is only a short 45-minute drive east of Perth, but you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled miles away once you arrive. With an onsite day spa to take care of your relaxation needs, and a restaurant and bar to keep you well-nourished during your stay, and a stunning pool and grounds to wander you won’t need to venture off anywhere unless you absolutely have too!  

Enjoy 2 x 1-night stays at the luxury 5-star, adults only Amaroo Retreat and Spa.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect. 

Value: $1,150

Item 10

Horizon Yoga – 6-month Unlimited Membership

Discover Horizon Yoga, the leading yoga sanctuaries in Perth. With studios nestled in Cottesloe and Swanbourne, there are diverse array of classes and programs meticulously crafted to support individuals in realising their health and wellness aspirations. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, our adept instructors offer expert guidance to nurture your journey and enhance both your physical and mental well-being.

Value: $910

Item 11

Body Sculpt Perth – Event Season slimming package

This package is a specialised program aimed at helping individuals improve their appearance and boost self-confidence in preparation for this upcoming event season.

This includes 3x Snatched Jawline treatments (skin tightening of the lower face, neck & chin) and 3x Intensive Slimming treatments (a full body Lymphatic drainage with special combination of fat burners).

Value: $897

Item 12

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat

Eco Beach Resort is your gateway to eco-friendly accommodations designed for those seeking a reprieve from the fast-paced routine of daily life. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating embrace of nature as we present a distinctive Broome experience, seamlessly blending serene resort activities with exhilarating adventures.

“Enjoy Two Night’s accommodation in a garden view Villa!”

Value: $890

Item 13

Mind My Body and Soul Women Wellness

Acquire two training sessions, either in-person or online, with Julia Norris—an adept subconscious mind specialist and the proprietor of Mind My Body and Soul Women Wellness. Renowned for her expertise in personal development and spiritual growth, Julia specializes in enhancing women’s well-being. Skilfully guiding clients, she facilitates the release of subconscious limiting programs that might hinder them from realizing their fullest potential. This transformative process often results in significant improvements in areas such as relationships, career, finance, and overall well-being.

Value: $500

Item 14

West Coast Eagles signed Jersey

Dive into the spirit of Aussie rules football with an exclusive West Coast Eagles jersey, a true emblem of skill and dedication. This unique jersey is not just a garment; it’s a canvas bearing the signatures of some of the team’s brightest stars—Tim Kelly, Jamaine Jones, Liam Ryan, Samo Petrevski-Seton, Isiah Winder, and Tyrell Dew. Seize this rare opportunity to own a piece of the action and showcase your team pride with a jersey that encapsulates the talent and camaraderie of the West Coast Eagles!

Value: $500

Item 15

St George Illawarra Dragons signed by 2023 NRL STGI Dragons playing squad

Own a piece of rugby history with this exclusive jersey up for auction. It’s a symbol of grit, teamwork, and the thrill of victor. Signed by the 2023 NRL STGI Dragon’s playing squad, this jersey is a collector’s dream. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a sports memorabilia enthusiast, don’t miss your chance to bid on this iconic piece. Join the excitement of the auction and bring home a cherished memento from the heart of the rugby battlefield!

Value: $500

Item 16

Personal Training with Helen Simpson at Body & Soul Women’s Wellness 

At Body & Soul Women’s Wellness, we believe that true well-being is achieved by nurturing both the body and the soul. As the founder and passionate fitness enthusiast with over 35 years of experience, Helen Simpson invites you to embark on a transformative journey towards a balanced mind and a healthier outlook on life. Helen’s coaching approach is rooted in drawing on individual strengths to create positive, sustainable changes. Through personalised guidance, she helps you keep your vision in sight and propels you towards a life filled with positive transformations.

Value: $400

Item 17

Cherubino Wines – 2020 Chardonnay

Rated 95 points by James Halliday in his 2024 Wine Companion, this wine exudes finesse and elegance, displaying remarkable restraint that allows the lush, slender fruit to shine. Its understated power, velvety texture, and impressive length position it as a standout to keep an eye on. A truly refined manifestation of Gingin clone fruit.

Value: $330 ($55 per bottle)

Item 18

Freeze Frame Opera

Experience the enchantment of the season as Freeze Frame Opera hosts its yearly Christmas concert at the Quarry Amphitheatre in City Beach from 15th December to 17th December 2023. Bring along your picnic, complete with your own beverages, along with low chairs, blankets, and cushions. Immerse yourself in an evening of mesmerizing opera and beloved Christmas classics performed by a dazzling ensemble of local artists. 4 tickets to the Christmas at the quarry concert.

Value: $300

Item 19

Masstengo Purple Flame Traditional Method Sparkling Carton

Savor the richness of this vegan-friendly, organic wine—crafted through a meticulous process of fermentation, triage, and bottling followed by an additional 18 months of re-fermentation on lees. Prior to consumption, it undergoes disgorging, dosaging, and meticulous preparation.

This exquisite wine unveils delightful notes of yellow apple, quince, honeydew, pear, citrus, and lime. The essence of the grapes imparts a subtle grassy undertone, while creamy nut characters emerge from the yeast. With a residual sugar of 5g/l, it boasts a dry style that captivates the palate.

What makes this wine truly unique is its beautiful purple hue, achieved through the infusion of natural botanicals. This not only enhances the wine’s colour but also aids in preservation, minimizing the need for sulphites. Indulge in a sensorial journey with every sip of this thoughtfully crafted, vegan-friendly organic wine.

Value: $270

Item 20

Below & Above

Crafted from naturally low-yield vines, Below & Above Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Merlot epitomise exclusivity. Handpicked from the top five percent of 34 hectares under vine, these wines are the essence of small-batch luxury, capturing the precious essence of carefully tended vineyards.

Below & Above are award-winning wines, recognized with the prestigious 2018 & 2019 People’s Choice accolades at Pinot Palooza (including Singapore) and Urban Wine Walk Summer series, reflect an unwavering commitment to meticulous winemaking. Each bottle is sold aged to perfection for an optimum drinking experience.

Box of 6 (2 X Merlot, 2 X Pinot Noir, 2 X Chardonnay)

Value: $270

Item 21

“Treat Yo Self” gift hamper

Indulge your senses and elevate your self-care routine with our exclusive “treat yo self” hamper—a luxurious collection designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of relaxation with a $100 gift voucher to bodhi spa, where tranquillity meets rejuvenation, offering a sanctuary for your mind and body.

Embark on a shopping spree of your dreams with a $100 gift card at Karrinyup mall.

To tantalize your taste buds, the “treat yo self” hamper also includes a $50 voucher at The Old Synagogue.

Value: $250

Item 22

Perth Wildlife Encounters – Snorkel with Wild Sea Lions & Wildlife Adventures

Experience a wildlife adventure in the ruggedly spectacular, Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Look out for wild Bottlenose Dolphins, explore limestone reefs and rocky outcrops, meet the local marine bird life and frolic with the rarest Sea Lions in the world. The comfortable vessel allows for safety and enjoyment, as you dive in to discover this incredible marine park beneath the surface. Enjoy a gourmet grazing platter, including a delicious array of seafood onboard.

Value: $249

Items 23 to 31

Keiko Uno Jewellery Ensemble

Illuminate the world with Keiko Uno Jewellery’s enchanting ‘North Star’ collection.

Like the sparks of imagination from which dreams are formed, stars represent limitless possibilities and infinite wonder. The North Star is about direction and purpose, always constant and dependable.

Stay centred, in an ever-changing world. And let your truth shed magic and inspiration to the world.

Value: $170 to $240 each item

Item 32

Coongan Thala Box – A Natural Wellness Kit

Dedicatedly owned by the Aboriginal community, we take pride in offering access to premium natural wellness products, irrespective of your location.

Our distinctive wellness kits are meticulously curated, incorporating the traditional wisdom of natural healing. Each kit comprises thoughtfully selected items designed to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. In our commitment to supporting local Indigenous artisans and businesses, our wellness boxes are a testament to products that not only contribute to your personal wellness but also to the welfare of the community.

Embark on this wellness journey with us and indulge in the benefits of natural remedies that nourish you today and fortify your health for the years to come.

Value: $160

Item 33

Gather Foods Gin Hamper

Embark on a sublime gin and tonic journey with our Gin Hamper — an ideal gift for the discerning gin enthusiast! This meticulously curated hamper contains everything essential for crafting the perfect G&T. Inside, discover 1x 500ml bottle of Wild Roads Gin, 2x portions of sliced dried citrus fruit, 2x 180ml Strangelove Tonics, and 2x 400ml bottles of Gather Foods Native Cordial.

Notably, Gather Foods is a predominantly Indigenous-owned and operated business, specialising in small-batch native ice cream, corporate catering, event management, and crafting unique gift hampers. Elevate your gin experience while supporting this community-driven enterprise with our Gin Hamper — an exceptional blend of quality and purpose.

Value: $160

Item 34

Masstengo Purple Flame Moscato Carton

Delight in the essence of this luminous, sweet, and crisp wine, meticulously crafted from Muscat grapes harvested from one of Australia’s premium growing regions. Enriched with natural botanicals, this wine stands out not only for its exquisite taste but also for the reduced reliance on sulphites in the winemaking process, contributing to its vibrant new colour.

The fragrance is a harmonious blend of neroli, delicate floral notes, and lively grape aromas. On the palate, experience a symphony of lychee, pear, and sweet peach flavours, culminating in a rejuvenating finish.

Pair this exceptional wine with desserts, appetizers, or spicy foods, and elevate your dining experience to new heights. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of this light, sweet, and crisp creation that marries the finest Muscat grapes with the artistry of natural botanical infusion.

Value: $120

Item 35

Nakamura Chocolates

Sometimes, we want to experience luxury, to enjoy the very best on offer. The Deluxe Chocolate Selection embodies some of the world’s finest ingredients and best chocolate artistry. The stunning packaging holds forty exquisite chocolates that have been hand crafted by award-winning chocolatier, Yuki Nakamura. If you are seeking extravagance you can share, look no further than the golden crest of the Nakamura family.

Value: $112

Item 36

Perth Wildlife Encounters – Dolphin, Penguin & Sea Lion Cruise

See wild dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, birds of prey and more on this 60-minute cruise through the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park before concluding on Penguin Island. Explore Penguin Island with a guided nature walk. At your own leisure return to the mainland by Ferry.

Value: $85